Guest Questionnaire

Guests of The Verandah Resort & Spa are invited to complete a Guest Questionnaire after visiting our resort. Your input helps us to know the things we’re doing right, and the things we could do better. Help us to serve you better by filling out your guest questionnaire after your visit.

Guest Questionnaire Monthly Winners

Every month we randomly select a guest who participated in our Guest Questionnaire. All participants are entered into a monthly drawing for a one-week vacation at The Verandah Resort & Spa. We want to thank all Guest Questionnaire participants. Your responses help us continue to provide legendary service for future guests.

Below are past winners:

These lucky winners below won the most recent one-week vacation at The Verandah Resort & Spa! If your name is listed below, please click here to claim your prize. Please remember that the winner has up to one year to use the prize.

  • July 2015
    Larry Sentena
  • June 2015
    Robert & Susan Banfield
  • May 2015
    Hughes, Surrey, UK
  • April 2015
    Michael & Mary Lopykinski, Florida
  • March 2015
    Helen Maldonado, New Jersey
  • February 2015
    Chris & Joseph Hajiconstantis, UK
  • Janurary 2015
    Michael Low, UK
  • December 2014
    Mangalie & Kotak, Ontario, Canada
  • November 2014
    Stephan Shaw, Brooklyn, NY
  • October 2014
    Paul Carmichael, UK
  • September 2014
    Steve & Barbara Leggin, New Jersey
  • August 2014
    Terri-Anne Davis, Bronx, New York, NY