Go Green

Green Globe Certified Verandah Resort in Antigua

Green Globe Certified

The Verandah, based in Antigua/West Indies, has made a firm commitment to meet the highest international standards in regards to the environment, conservation and corporate responsibility. The resort's daily operation is geared towards ecological preservation of the surrounding environment.


The Verandah has identified key environmental aspects related to the operation of its resort in Antigua. These include: the rational use of energy and water; solid waste and wastewater disposal; reduction of greenhouse gases; proper disposal of hazardous materials; noise reduction; and the use of biodegradable cleaning materials. The Verandah has a comprehensive Environmental Management System in place addressing key environmental issues as well as issues of health, hygiene and safety. The resort actively supports a carbon offset program.

Corporate Responsibility

The Verandah complies with all employment and labor laws and actively supports local staff hiring on all levels. The resort has an ethics code in place for all staff, as well as health and safety regulations for both guests and employees. Sustainable products from local businesses are preferred at all purchasing levels. The Verandah provides a guest feedback mechanism and responds accordingly.


Resort management understands the impact of tourism on the local community and therefore prefers the purchase of sustainable local products whenever possible. In addition, the Verandah actively supports the local community by sponsoring cultural events. It is the goal of the resort to identify, monitor and improve all aspects of environmental sustainability on an ongoing basis, to ensure that all operational legislative and regulatory requirements are met, and to preserve natural resources in Antigua and the Caribbean.

Green Hotel Certification is the only independent certification body certifying compliance with 'Baseline Criteria of Sustainable Tourism', ISO 61 / 65 / 67, The Mohonk Agreement, Agenda 21 and principles for Sustainable Development endorsed by 182 governments at the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992.